How to join activities in the INCUBATE! activity line

In the INCUBATE! activity line, innovation training and support activities, like LaunchLab or other Boot Camp programmes, help entrepreneurs create a business plan out of an initial business idea in a two-month programme. Furthermore, local training activities are organised to augment existing programmes at CLCs, with a focus on key skills in the healthcare sector.

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EIT Health LaunchLab #2

LaunchLab is a two-month pressure cooker for not-yet entrepreneurs from all over Europe to explore the opportunities of their health tech idea. Starting in Delft at the end of August, the programme supports in developing and validating ideas, developing marketing potential, launching to customers and creating the business model.

Deadline for application: 31 March, 2017
Contact: Tjarda Voorneman, programme manager

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EIT Health VentureLab

EIT Health VentureLab is a multi-period acceleration programme for entrepreneurs from all over Europe to develop their personal and team business competencies and simultaneously explore and develop their ambitious health-related business ideas. There are a variety of ways to participate in the EIT Health VentureLab in 2017-2018: along with the 12-month programme (which started in January), there are short weekend programmes, longer four-month programmes, and tailor-made programmes for special circumstances: ie. intensive, or soft landing. These activities combine programmes in Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) and Groningen Venturelab North (VLN).

Guided by an integral vision on business development, EIT Health VentureLab entrepreneurs receive support in areas such as strategy, finance, marketing and stakeholder management, technology, developing their networks, and setting up and scaling up their operations towards international growth. Our approach is processoriented and encompasses the most popular business development models, such as the lean startup, the business model canvas and effectuation, to help develop and validate our clients’ business models and guide them towards investor readiness.

Important Dates for EIT Health VentureLab
EIT Health VentureLab Weekends:

Groningen, Pilot 24-26 March, 2017, application deadline March 1st
Groningen, Pilot 13-15 October, 2017, application deadline 14 September, 2017.
Long Programme: location variant (started January, 2017):
Entry points every four months, More info:

Application Deadline for next EIT Health VentureLab entry point: 31 March, 2017
Contact: Aard Groen, director of EIT Health VentureLab

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CaixaImpulse is an acceleration programme for the creation of new products and companies in the health and life sciences sector. Eight months of programme activities include mentoring, training, valorisation and commercialisation plans. A total of 23 project groups can enter each edition (commercial value of 70 000 per project and participation in programme activities).

Open Call: 2 February 2017 - 22 March 2017
Ignasi López, Director, Science Programme and Fellowships, la Caixa Banking Foundation
Belén Perat, Programme Manager, la Caixa Banking Foundation

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The I-NTEGRATE program that started January 2017 will provide the structure and mechanisms for the partner institutions and startups to find their way more effectively with EIT Health’s network. Partners will have clear visibility of the startups in contact with EIT Health, and will help them to get closer and to work better with them. Startups will also find easier access to companies of their interest.

There is no application process for the I-NTEGRATE programme
Contact: Akos R. Wetters, Steeep (NL)

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