How to join activities in the SCALE! activity line

In the SCALE! activity line, there will be a major focus on developing tools and networks that can provide visibility and financing for projects and small SMEs, as well as facilitating access to potential investors such as angel networks, corporate financers and crowd funders. Furthermore, GoGlobal programmes will support European startups and scaleups in the domain of MedTech, BioTech and Digital Health, so that they can expand in Europe, the United States, Brazil, China and other international markets.

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European Health Catapult (Formerly BP Aggregator)

A joint accelerator programme of EIT Health and the Health Axis Europe, inviting already incorporated micro and small enterprises (with fewer than 50 employees), spin-offs and startups from all over Europe to submit applications that will award support to the best business plans in Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health.

Submit proposals through this platform before 31 March, 2017, 16:00 (CET)
Contact: Bertrand Lejeune, project leader (For EIT Health Partners)
Julia Schaft, project leader (For HAE Partners)

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EIT Health Crowdfinancing Platform

EIT Health Crowdfinancing Platform gives you further knowledge on the opportunities to fund your company development with crowd investing,

There is no application process for the EIT Health Crowdfinancing Platform
Contact: Joerg Trinkwalter

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Headstart and Proof of Concept Funding

Proof of Concept Funding is suitable for individuals and organisations that have a well developed prototype and are ready to launch a product. Applications will be accepted from organisations that are not yet incorporated as companies, but we will expect that a company will be formed within six months of the funding. Headstart Funding is open to established companies that are already trading but wish to explore new markets.

Submit proposals through this application form before 31 March, 2017, Noon (CET)Contact: Palle Hoy-Jakobsen, EIT Health CLC Scandinavia

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The GoGlobal programme aims to provide your company with the competence needed for growth and international expansion. This requires comprehensive understanding of different markets and their specific requirements as relates to the healthcare system, their regulatory and reimbursement system and how your product influences the business case for payers, hospitals and physicians. The GoGlobal programme helps you understand the differences between markets and succeed in making your business international.

The target participant profile in the GoGlobal programme is a startup or young company that has started to sell within their home market and has the ambition to expand on the international market within the next 12 months. No requirements are made on the sales to-date, but proof should be provided that the product works and that customers are willing to pay for it.

Submit proposals through this application form before 31 March, 2017, 16.00 (CET)
Olof Berglund,
Project Leader EIT Health GoGlobal Medtech programme
Benjamin Stöcklein, Project Leader EIT Health GoGlobal MedTech Exchange Accelerator

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