How to join activities in the VALIDATE! activity line

In the VALIDATE! activity line, a strong emphasis is placed on helping startups and entrepreneurs with a variety of programmes, all related to validation activities.

Entrepeneurs can use suitable Living Labs and Test Beds to support them in validationrelated aspects during different phases of the value chain. The programme Market Coach Network provides expertise within the community. The programmes Point Lab and EU Health Maps provide access to specific knowledge, like data biorepositories and analysis techniques, or understanding of local/regional regulatory and reimbursement schemes. Finally, the Product-Market-Fit programme, is the right programme to get funding for your validation activities, providing access to a wide network of market experts with specific local knowledge.

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Living Labs and Test Beds

The Living Labs and Test Beds activity offers entrepreneurs the services of a network of Living Labs and/or Test Beds, which can support the innovation process in validation-related aspects throughout the different phases of the value chain (ideation, co-creation, validation and scale-up), with the final goal of enhancing the conception of fully marketready products with high added value and a high probability of success.

There is no application process for the Living Labs and Test Beds programme
Contact: Cecilia Vera or visit the Living Labs and Test Beds network

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Market Coach Network

The Market Coach Network fosters entrepreneurship and innovation projects from EIT Health ecosystem by providing access to a network of market, business and innovation experts. To access the Market Coach Network to find or join as an expert, please contact project coordinator Richard Bosmans.

There is no application process for the Market Coach Network programme
Contact: Richard Bosmans, project coordinator

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Point Lab (Population Intelligence Lab)

Point Lab promotes the use of data captured in large citizen and patient population cohorts and biorepositories and will develop procedures, methods and techniques to make this intelligence available to entrepreneurs to boost their innovations. During 2017, this service will become implemented and be accessible for EIT Health startups.

There is no application process for the Point Lab programme
Contact: Jan Sikkema, UMCG (NL)

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EU Health MAPS

EU Health MAPS will contribute to the adoption and diffusion of innovation into healthcare systems by providing expertise and a clear understanding of how, when and who to engage in the innovation process. The activity will also provide specific knowledge about finance and reimbursements schemes of 14 European countries. During 2017, this service will be implemented to be accessible for EIT Health startups. This is the programme for you who wish to gain understanding of local and regional regulatory and reimbursement schemes in different European countries.

There is no application process for the EU Health MAPS programme
Contact: Tracey Marriot, Oxford (UK)

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Product and Market FIT

Is internationalisation the next step for your Digital Health startup? Are you planning to launch your product in ES, FR, UK, DE, NL or BE? Launch your product in a new country. Join the EIT Health Accelerator and work with our local partners to find your product/market fit in France, Spain, Germany, UK, The Netherlands or Belgium. Use our Go-to-Market and Market Validation services (only for Digital Health companies).

The Product and Market FIT programme will give 15 eHealth companies the opportunity to benefit from a fully funded product/market fit worth 25 000. The information you acquire will give you actionable insights and be of tremendous value for your company as you seek to convince investors in the next funding round and further explore or discard possibilities on a given market.

Submit proposals through this application form before 31 March, 2017, 16.00 (CET)

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