EIT Health at Uppsala University

EIT Health Innovation Day 2017

Uppsala University hereby announces the 2nd annual EIT Health Innovation Day. This collaboration for health will take place December 1, 2017. Register now and take part in making Innovation Day 2017 even more successful than its predecessor!

Where:     Venue TBD, Uppsala (SE)
When:      December 1, 2017
Who:        All students (Priority to all achieving bachelor/masterdegree 2018).

Register NOW at http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt10831 (deadline November 24th)

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This is EIT Health Innovation Day

December 1st 2017 EIT Health and Uppsala University invites you to boost your innovational spirit together with fellow students and a selection of public and private partners for a truly unique experience. This is your opportunity to work across faculty and program boundaries to create solutions to real needs & cases received from private and public actors.

Our aim is increasing the participating students ability to contribute their knowledge and skills in future interaction with researchers and public and private partners.

Key words for EIT Health Innovation Day are innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration for a sustainable and healthy future. A task that requires knowledge and joined forces from all disciplines educated at Uppsala University, yours included!

This is in it for You

  • Interact with students from other disciplines to design solutions for community need-based challenges – The best ideas from each case will be selected and published on www.uu.se/eithealth.

  • Boost your entrepreneurial and innovational spirit in the areas of healthy living and ageing.

  • Share the experiences, possibilities, rewards and practical innovation tools of inspirational speakers.

This is Our Goal

The overall goal of the EIT Health Innovation day is part of a long-term strategy to increase the interaction between academic education and the public sector and industry. To stimulate early engagement in health-related issues - regardless study subjects - participating students will enhance their awareness of needs for global development. Public and private partners are also invited to participate and interact by presenting health-related needs, coaching and future work experience opportunities.