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Other key university contacts

University Management


Uppsala University’s Emergency number (24/7 service): +46 18 471 25 00
Chief Security Officer: Christina Boman


Ongoing procurements (in Swedish)
Procurement and Purchase Office


Technical issues:
Content on or +46 18 471 44 00

Jobs and vacancies

If you have questions regarding specific job positions – please contact the person mentioned in the job listing. See our list of jobs and vacancies.

Invoices and payments

Non-Swedish suppliers should always send their invoices directly to the address of the ordering department or unit.

Invoice address for Swedish suppliers:
Uppsala universitet, PG1254, 737 84 Fagersta, Sweden

Always specify the personal reference code of the person who placed the order (three numbers + three letters).

Organisation registration number: 202100-2932
VAT-no: SE202100293201

Payments to Uppsala University