The Advisory Board for Internationalisation

The Advisory Board for Internationalisation advises the Vice-Chancellor and is the preparatory body on university-wide international issues. The board handles internationalisation for teaching at Bacherlor’s, Master’s and PhD level, for research and for support activities.

Chief rapporteur: Kay Svensson, Deputy University Director.

Members of the Advisory Board for Internationalisation for the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017:

Leif Kirsebom, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for internationalisation and committee chair 
Susanne Mirbt, Professor 
Peter Lindblad, Dean of Collaboration, Professor 
Jane Reichel, Vice-Dean, Professor 
Jonas Almqvist, Vice-Dean, Senior Lecturer 
Marie Allen, Professor 
Ulf Göransson, Professor 
Erika Dabhilkar, Head of Unit 
Stefan Döring, student representative (doctoral student)
Daniel Simmons, student representative
Adrian Wennström, student representative (substitute)