International networks and regional centres

Uppsala University is part of a number of university-wide international collaboration networks and regional centres. These provide exchanges for students, researchers, staff and teachers, symposia and conferences, evaluation and benchmarking, course syllabus development and common projects.

The Guild

The Guild consists of some of Europe’s most research intensive universities. The network aims to strengthen the universities’ voice in research and education issues at the EU level. In June 2017 the universities in The Guild published their view on the future of the Ninth Framework Programme and the next generation of the Erasmus+ programme.

Contact at Uppsala University: Kay Svensson


Founded in 2008 with the purpose of furthering collaboration in international projects, research, and exchange for students and researchers. The U4 Network is a collaboration between four European universities: Ghent University, the University of Göttingen, the University of Groningen and Uppsala University.

Contact at Uppsala University: Helena Eklund Snäll

Coimbra Group

The Coimbra Group was founded in 1985 with the goal of promoting academic and cultural ties between the universities. The Coimbra Group has created a range of scholarships, summer schools, long term projects, prizes and more. The group is actively involved in policy decisions regarding higher education on a European level, and works as an expert group in a number of different arenas.

Contact at Uppsala University: Anna Ledin


The Matariki Network of Universities, named after the Maori name for the Pleiades star formation, is a network of universities spanning the entire globe. The members of the network are amongst their countries’ oldest and most respected universities, and they play an important role in their local communities. The network, with its motto “Partnering for a better world”, encompasses student, researcher, staff and teaching exchange, benchmarking, social responsibility, cultural and sport activities, joint programmes and more.

Contact at Uppsala University: Anna Ledin


The Southern African–Nordic Centre (SANORD) was founded in 2007. SANORD is a non-profit membership organisation of institutions of higher education and research from all Nordic countries and southern Africa. Uppsala University was one of the eight founding universities, but the number of member universities is now more than 40. Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson is deputy chair of SANORD’s board.

Contact at Uppsala University: Ulrica Ouline

Regional centres

Uppsala University office i Hanoi

Uppsala University has since 2014 a representation office in Vietnam, based in Hanoi. The aim is to strengthening the collaboration with Vietnamese Universities, as well as to develop regional cooperation within higher education with neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. The representative office aims at developing cooperation within research and education, exchange programs, recruitments, internships and alumni operations. Examples of existing projects are EVENT and TRAC. An update of the different activities can also be found on the official facebook-page Uppsala University Vietnam.

Contact: Anna-Klara Lindeborg

Nordic Centre Fudan

Uppsala University is one of more than 20 universities in the Nordic countries that are members of the Nordic Centre at Fudan University, Shanghai. The centre aims to facilitate contact between the member countries and China, and especially with Fudan University.  The centre also organises summer courses for students. Uppsala University’s International Coordinator and Deputy University Director Kay Svensson is a member of the board.

Contacts: Ulrica OulineKay Svensson

European University Centre at Peking University

The goal of the European University Centre at Peking University is to promote collaborations between a number of European universities and Peking University, as well as promoting knowledge about Europe and China.

Contact at Uppsala University: Ulrica Ouline