Mission & core values

Uppsala University’s input

"Uppsala University has the ambition to reinforce and strengthen its position as a globally leading university – a development that requires both a regulatory framework and a research funding system that strengthen the strategic capability of the university."

Uppsala University’s input on the upcoming research bill:

Ten recommendations for the Swedish government

  1. Increase the freedom of action for Swedish Universities concerning international and collaborative ventures
  2. Increase the appropriation to universities for research and higher education, in order to leverage the share of direct state funding compared to external grants
  3. Develop the model for funding of research infrastructure and make national consultations a permanent arrangement
  4. Strengthen the internationalisation of higher education in Sweden
  5. Create a national action plan for digital information provision
  6. Provide possibilities for universities to develop transparent, equal and attractive academic career paths
  7. Initiate a scheme for teachers to share their time between academia and classroom
  8. Further strengthen the responsibility of universities in regard to quality assurance in research, education and interaction with society
  9. Enhance and further develop the collaboration between universities, industry and society in order to bring about innovative solutions to social challenges
  10. Consolidate and further develop the funding of Strategic Research Areas (SFO) and SciLifeLab