Quality assurance


To promote quality assurance and quality enhancement in research and education, Uppsala University carries out strategically vital evaluations that include suggestions for relevant measures. Support is provided to departments and faculties in connection with internal and external evaluations.


Evaluation of research

Uppsala University is a broad research university that aspires to conduct world-leading research. This includes implementing self-initiated university-wide research evaluations.

Uppsala University was the first Swedish university to carry out a self-initiated university-wide research evaluation in which all research activities were evaluated on a single occasion.

Evaluation of education

Uppsala University has a model for systematic educational evaluation. Uppsala University’s educational evaluations aim to promote education of the highest national and international quality. The model integrates ongoing quality assurance procedures and annual follow-ups with educational evaluations every six years to form a whole that supports and stimulates quality assurance and enhancement.

Course evaluation

Course evaluations give undergraduate and doctoral students the opportunity to reflect on their education in a structured way. At the same time, they provide a basis for quality enhancement.

Course evaluations are a key instrument in Uppsala University’s quality assurance procedures and are carried out at all educational levels.

Evaluation support

As part of the University’s quality development and quality assurance, departments, faculties and other bodies can receive evaluation support in connection with internal and external evaluations.


Uppsala University emphasises the importance of quality assurance procedures based on up-to-date knowledge about both education and research.

Since 2000, written surveys and other studies have been carried out at the Unit for Quality and Evaluation as a basis for quality assurance and quality enhancement.