The University

Public lectures at Uppsala University

Each year, we invite the most prominent scientists, scholars and personalities. At Uppsala, you have the opportunity to listen to and learn from Nobel laureates, writers, politicians and many other guests and friends.

Here are some of the most high-profile annual lectures at Uppsala University. They are named after scholars, philanthropists and others who the University wants to honour.

New impulses and insights

The numerous invitations that Uppsala University sends out around the world each year can be said to represent our wish to constantly question and renew our own activities and research. Our many visiting lecturers provide us with new impulses and insights. Often these guests are active on the very cutting edge of research and inspire our own researchers and students to continue their own successful work.

Old tradition

The lecture is the traditional forum for academic communication at universities. The first lectures at Uppsala University were given immediately after its founding in 1477, when one Ericus Olai, doctor of theology from Rostock, addressed his students with the subject Regulæ sacræ theologiæ (roughly ‘Tenets of Theology’). Lectures in law and the arts were soon to follow.

Drawing from a lecture in Auditorium oeconomicum in 1844.