The Martin Henriksson Holmdahl Prize

The Martin Henriksson Holmdahl Prize for the promotion of human rights and liberty was instituted by the University in 2003 in celebration of the 80th birthday of its former Vice-Chancellor.

The prize is to be awarded to an employee of the University, a group of such employees, a student, or a group of students who have worked to promote human rights and liberty. The recipient of the prize shall have studied and/or worked to further human rights and liberty or have actively combated crimes against the UN Declaration of Human Rights, wherever in the world these crimes have been committed.’

A board is appointed by the University’s Vice-Chancellor. For the period of 2018 to 2022 the members of the board constitutes of the professors Peter Wallensteen (chairperson), Olga Botner, Lars Burman (chief librarian), Anna Jonsson Cornell, Mohammad Fazlhashemi, and Gun Heimer.

The prize is awarded at the Winter Conferment Ceremony.

Previous recipients of the Martin Henriksson Holmdahl Prize:

  • 2003: Sofia and Martin Uggla
  • 2004: Utrikespolitiska föreningen
  • 2005: Hans Filipsson
  • 2006: Aida Aragão-Lagergren
  • 2007: Anna Jonsson Cornell
  • 2008: Edil Baisalov
  • 2009: Paul Levine and Stéphane Bruchfeld
  • 2010: Hanin Shakrah
  • 2011: Leena Huss
  • 2012: Gun Heimer and Gunilla Lindmark
  • 2013: Jill Trenholm
  • 2014: Abdulbaghi Ahmad and Rebecca Thorburn Stern
  • 2015: Heléne Lööw
  • 2016: Anna-Sara Lind and Lindsey Doyle
  • 2017: Jameson Garland and Elena Namli