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The complexity of society demands a multidisciplinary approach. The Master Programme in Social Sciences has six disciplinary branches: economic history, human geography, media and communication, nutrition, psychology and sociology. Together they shed light on several aspects of social functions, institutions and processes, at present and in a historical perspective. This programme will give you a solid foundation within your chosen specialisation and at the same time give you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge with the help of studying other social sciences. There is one international branch of the programme: Digital Media and Society, which is within media and communication.

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Name:  Yemame Alsayfi
From:  Uppsala
Programme:  Master Programme in Social Sciences – Sociology

How did you choose your programme?
– I wanted to study more, I was neither bored with studying nor ready for working after my Bachelor´s Degree in Human Resource Management and Working Life, so I decided to study some more. This programme was what I was qualified for and I wanted to study some more Sociology. Student life felt luxurious as new parent – a great freedom and flexibility compared to a full time job. 

What is it like to be a student at Uppsala University?
– Studying at University requires self-discipline, planning and structure – you will learn the rest gradually. It is also very flexible. Studying is great, learning a lot and develop yourself is wonderful. 

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
– Uppsala universitet is a trustworthy higher education institution. It is good to know that you get an education that are highly valued in society, which increases the chances of being able to choose the work that you want. 

Describe what a normal day is like at your programme
– I have two versions a normal day: one with self-studies two times a week and one with och lectures or seminars for two hours followed by self-studies. I often study at home. If I need to achieve much one day I go to the library, preferably the quiet reading room at Carolina Rediviva. I often get distracted by other things when studying at home... At scheduled times I usually stay afterwards, go to the library and have lunch with my classmates. 

What is something unique about your programme?
– Reading and writing. We read a lot – you learn to focus on what is important. There is also a lot of writing – most of the degrees are in form of academic papers. At our programme there are many freethinking persons who loves arguing about different things and we have many lively discussions at the seminars. Sociology is a broad discipline and you can choose study orientation quite freely after interest, as long as related to society.

How was your first exam?
– My first exam was an academic paper of ten pages. I was terrified at first but it proved to be fun during work. There is often a public examination as well which is nervous. 

What is your reason for studying and your ultimate goal?
– I have three ultimate goals. The first one is my personal development – to develop my arguments and opinions, a kind of self-realization. The second one is to get a job and an opportunity for development at work and the third one is studying in itself – the value of that lifestyle. Sometimes I feel like a time millionaire, even though I spend a lot of time on my studies it is a quality of life to be able to plan my own time. 

Describe student life! / What is your experience so far?
– I live a most untypical student life compared to the normative image of a student. I do not have a student card and I do not spend much time with other students. I live a regular family life but student life goes well with that. My best memory is the feeling of liberation when I handed in my Bachelor´s essay 39 weeks pregnant. 

Three quick questions
Favourite place in Uppsala?
– Same favorite place as in my childhood, Röbo and Gamla Uppsala 

Favourite student tradition at Uppsala University?
– I have no idea.  

Where do you see yourself in five years?
– I hope we will have another child and another house to live in, and I will have a meaningful and developing job. 

Spring 2017

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