Working as a pharmacist in Sweden

In order to work as a pharmacist in the Swedish health care system, for example in pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and clinics, you are required to have a Swedish licence. Uppsala University organizes training and tests for foreign pharmacists who wish to acquire a Swedish licence.

To work in the pharmaceutical industry and private companies, it is up to each employer to define what requirements are needed for the job. A Swedish licence is not always required.

If you want to apply for a Swedish licence, you first need to show that you have the skills required to work in your profession in Sweden. You also need to know Swedish, as well as the laws and regulations that apply in the Swedish health care system.

Complementary programme and proficiency test

Uppsala University organises a complementary programme and a proficiency test for pharmacists with a foreign degree. To participate, you need to get your degree assessed by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) and you need a decision from the Board that your degree has been approved, in order to proceed in obtaining a Swedish licence.

Ways to Swedish licence

Complementary programme

Proficiency test

How can I get in touch with other pharmacists?

On the website for the project ‘Farmaceutkompis’, you can read more about how to get in contact with other pharmacists.

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