Our New Campus - Campus Gotland

In 2013 Gotland University became a part of Uppsala University. By merging with Gotland University, we can continue to develop our world-leading education and research in this historic island setting.

Uppsala University now offers two international Master programmes at Campus Gotland, Master of Wind Power Project Management and Master of Sustainable Management.

Gotland is not only Sweden’s largest island, but the largest in the Baltic Sea. With its pristine beaches and warm summer months, Gotland is one of Sweden’s favourite holiday destinations. Though the island’s population increases drastically during the summer, year-round there are approximately 60 000 inhabitants.

Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland is located in Visby, the island’s main town. Although the university plays an important role in the Gotland community, the key sources of income are tourism, agriculture and concrete production. Visby is a medieval town that has been marked as a historical site by the UNESCO World Heritage programme. A popular landmark is the fortress wall dating back to the 13th century, which surrounds the old city. On the island you can also find 94 medieval churches, the majority of which are fully restored and actively used today. 

As a student at Campus Gotland, you can enjoy everything the unique location has to offer. Not only is the island just 90 km from the Swedish mainland, the Baltic States are just 130 km away. Transport between Gotland and Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is frequent.

Did You Know

In 1872 the university’s first female student, Betty Pettersson, was enrolled. Betty Pettersson was a very determined woman. Born and raised in Visby, the main town on the island of Gotland, she made her way to the mainland to become a student in Uppsala. Not much information can be found about Betty Pettersson, but one thing is certain, she succeeded! In 1875 she became the first woman in Sweden to be awarded an academic degree. This was a defining moment in the history of women’s rights in Sweden. Betty Pettersson was one of Uppsala University’s first connections with Gotland’s Visby.