Strategies for external collaboration

The rationale for Uppsala University’s collaboration:

  • Collaboration helps make university activities useful to society and helps find innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges presented by society.
  • The university plays an important role in the democratic development of society and contributes towards public education and social development using information, a scientific approach and cultural activities.
  • Collaboration contributes towards developing the university’s own activities and is one of the prerequisites for enabling the university to carry on world-leading research and first class education.
  • Collaboration with society takes the form of an open and reciprocal dialogue and is an integral part of research and education.
  • Collaboration contributes towards increasing the quality and relevance of research and education.
  • Collaboration is characterised by reciprocity, openness and participation while maintaining the integrity of the involved parties.

Uppsala University is to:

  • Stimulate, co-ordinate and give support to collaboration initiatives
  • Ensure that collaboration is included in planning, developing and evaluating research and education
  • Encourage and develop incentives for collaboration
  • Create and develop strategic partnerships

See also Objectives and strategies for attaining excellence and benefiting society and our Programme for External Collaboration

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