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Catalogue of printed sheet music now available online

16 November 2017

The catalogue in physical form

To increase the accessibility of special collections catalogues, our Catalogue of sheet music in print -1970 has been digitized and is now searchable online. This technical solution will allow us to digitize other paper catalogues for special collections in the coming years.

Catalogue of sheet music  in print -1970 – from paper to IPAC

Catalogue of printed sheet music -1970 covers the Uppsala University Library’s printed sheet music acquired until 1971. To increase the accessibility and secure the preservation of this catalogue, it has been digitized and made searchable online. The technical solution that has been developed for this catalogue will now allow us to digitize other paper catalogues for special collections in the coming years.

The sheet music is catalogued after composer in alphabetical order, or by title of music sheet collection. The catalogue is in four parts. The parts are divided into Swedish or foreign prints, and into vocal or instrumental music. The first title on each catalogue sheet has been indexed, which means that you got an approximate hit when searching the catalogue. You may then browse back and forth among the digitized catalogue sheets to find the entry you are looking for. The catalogue is partly written by typewriter and partly by hand. The typewritten text has been OCR interpreted to increase the searchability. However, the OCR interpretation has its flaws. That is why there is a possibility in the catalogue for our users to help us correct the OCR interpreted text and thereby increases the accuracy.

You can request sheet music to the Special reading room in the catalogue directly. All sheet music belongs to the Special collections at Uppsala University Library. That means that you have to study the materials in the Special Reading Room at Carolina Rediviva – where you can take photos of the materials or make a request for digitization.

The catalogue has its origins in the work of the librarian Anders Lagerberg, when he during the end of the 19th century started to arrange the library’s large music collection. This catalogue is still used for searching printed music sheets from this time period. A copy in paper is available in the Special Reading Room at Carolina Redivia.