The 2017 Nobel Lectures: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology/Medicine and the Peace Prize

4 December 2017

Six Nobel laureates and one representative of peace prize laureate ICAN will hold public lectures in Uppsala on 13 December. Pictured are the laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Physiology/Medicine.

It is a long-standing tradition for the newly awarded Nobel laureates to be invited to Uppsala University in connection with the Nobel Prize ceremonies. On 13 December a number of the 2017 Nobel laureates will give public lectures in Uppsala. All lectures will also be available as live streams online.

Every year in December, the newly awarded Nobel laureates are invited to Uppsala University. Their visiting programme includes a reception with the Vice-Chancellor and lunch at Uppsala Castle, but also the much appreciated public lectures given by the visiting laureates themselves.

The 2017 Nobel lectures at Uppsala University

13 December in Uppsala


  • Professor Rainer Weiss
  • Professor Barry C. Barish
  • Professor Kip S. Thorne


  • Professor Joachim Frank


  • Professor Michael Rosbash
  • Professor Michael Young

Peace Prize

  • Beatrice Fihn, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
  • Josefin Lind, Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons
  • Ognjen Gogic, Master’s student and Rotary Peace Fellow at Uppsala University
  • Moderator: Peter Wallensteen, post-retirement professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research



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