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See what some of our alumni have gone on to do after their degrees

Have you started to plan your career and working life? Would you like to apply for a job in Sweden, start your own business or maybe study something else? We can guide you through your alternatives and give you practical information about how to apply for your degree.

Moving on from university studies is a big step. The University’s study and career counsellors can provide support and guidance and organise a variety of career activities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


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PhD studies

Apply for a Degree

After you have completed your studies you should apply for a degree. With a degree qualification from Uppsala University you will be well-equipped for professional life on the Swedish and international arena.

Read more about how to apply for your degree.

PhD Studies

Would you like to continue your studies at doctoral level? Uppsala University regards the education and supervision of  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students as one of the most significant and valuable activities at the university. PhD positions provide students with a unique opportunity to cultivate their interest in a particular area of research and make an important contribution to the development of new knowledge. Students are required to undertake a significant and original thesis project that is the result of four years of full-time study and supervised research training. Doctoral degrees are offered in most academic areas at the university.

Closing ceremonies and graduation events

At the end of each academic year there is a summer closing ceremony for Master's students who are completing their studies. Individual Master's programmes and/or university departments may also arrange graduation events.