Welcome Programme in Uppsala Autumn 2017

Your Arrival

On 17-19 August, Uppsala University will have a welcome desk set up at Arlanda Airport.

Every semester, Uppsala University, together with the student nations and student unions, organise a range of activities to welcome our new international students. Below, you can read about the welcome programme that has been planned for students commencing their studies in the autumn semester of 2017.

Students who will be studying at Campus Gotland please find out more about the welcome programme in Visby.

How to get here

Programme Details

Welcome Desk at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

On 17-19 August, Uppsala University will have a welcome desk set up at Arlanda Airport. The desk will be open between 9am and 7pm on August 17-18 and 9am to 3pm on August 19, and will be located outside customs service in Terminal 5.

Please note that if you arrive at any other terminal you must go to Terminal 5 to meet us. While the welcome desk is open, we will offer a complimentary shuttle service from Arlanda Airport to Uppsala. The shuttle service from Arlanda Airport will drop students off at the Welcome Desk in Uppsala (Blåsenhus).

Welcome Desk in Uppsala

On 17-19 August, Uppsala University will also have a Welcome Desk in Uppsala, at Campus Blåsenhus.  The desk will be open between 10am and 8pm on August 17-18 and 10am to 4pm on August 19. Activities this day will include:

  • Housing Office for keys and contracts to most housing areas
  • Welcome packages, including a SIM-card
  • Shuttle services to housing areas
  • Student Internet Account (requires formal ID, take your passport with you)
  • Temporary student ID

During this day, staff from the Housing Office with staff from the International Office and student volunteers can be found there. The location for the Welcome Desk in Uppsala will be Campus Blåsenhus, entrance 1C.

International Day at Campus1477

At the start of each semester, Campus1477 usually offers a chance for all international students to try out what they have to offer. You can try out their gym, attend a fitness class or try out their bouldering wall!

Welcome Reception and Fair

All new international students in Uppsala are invited to the Welcome Reception at the University Main Building on 23 August. During this reception, international students will be formally welcomed to Uppsala University by the University Vice Chancellor. The Welcome Reception will commence at 3 pm.

On August 25, there will be a Welcome Fair for Swedish and international students held at the University Main Building.

Orientation Programme

The orientation programme is designed to introduce new students, such as you, to Uppsala University and to Sweden. During the programme, you will be informed about the resources available to you as a student, along with other useful tips to assist and guide you through your time here. By attending the programme, you will get to know your fellow students and learn more about Swedish student life. If you are in Uppsala, you will also receive a temporary student ID card enabling you to enter the popular student nations. Welcome activities for international students are organised by Uppsala University, the student unions and the International Student Committee. The full schedule for the orientation programme will be available in early August 2017.

Guided Tours

Uppsala University offers a number of guided tours at the start of each semester, both longer bus tours and shorter walking tours. The full schedule of these tours will be available in June 2017.