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Uppsala Health Summit

Uppsala Health Summit logoUppsala Health Summit 2017 will take place on 10–11 October, and focus on priorities for preventing, detecting and responding to infectious disease threats, using a One Health approach.

The program is organised around solutions-oriented workshops and plenum sessions which encompass a range of topics. These include framework for coordinated laboratory structures, modeling and prediction of emergence of zoonoses using big data, social dimensions of preventing transmission of infectious diseases from animals to humans in low-income countries, affordability of new diagnostic tools, medicine and vaccine safety, research agendas and behavioral change. Under these broad themes, we will identify and discuss areas where policies and practices could be improved.

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Two young scientists in lab coats.SciFest is an annual science festival in Uppsala with a broad range of workshops, shows, competitions and talks. Here, people of all ages can get a taste of research and its applications across all scientific fields. Exhibitors and participants at SciFest come from schools and universities as well as companies, public authorities, museums and organisations.

Sponsors can contribute both interesting and educational workshops as well as financial support. By doing so we can reach our common goals – to increase interest in science and technology among young people.