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EIT Health Campus courses and events includes

  • Short activity based courses/summer schools/workshops and case competitions for young academics, company recruits, public servants and other professional groups.
  • Crash courses and activities aiming to attract high level officials from knowledge centres, business, public services, politicians and policy makers, banking and insurance industry, and allied professionals from the media.
  • Existing MSc programs within the thematic areas of EIT Health that are eligible for KIC labelling. Suggestions for future MSc programmes and new Business PhD programs within the thematic areas of EIT Health and with strong components of business exposure and I&E elements either incorporated or as add-ons.
  • The adoption of and contribution to the EIT Health Flagship programs (E-Lab and Innovation Fellowships).
  • Exploiting digital technologies for outreach and wider engagement of the wider general public (MOOC, social platforms, web etc).

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