International Master's Programme in Innovative Medicine (IMIM)

IMIM is a two-year international Master's programme focusing on translational medical research, modern molecular techniques, innovation and entrepreneurship. The programme is a European collaboration between the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Heidelberg University in Germany, and Uppsala University in Sweden. A number of international Life Sciences companies are associated with the programme as well as other universities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Depending on a student's prior knowledge, the first year's studies are located in either Heidelberg, Groningen or Uppsala. In the second year, students must change university to either Groningen or Uppsala.

The IMIM programme trains you for research in both academia and industry, for example through a multidisciplinary group project - "Bench to Bedside and Back" (BBB), focused on translational medicine and the innovation process with business and entrepreneurship. The IMIM programme has received EIT Health's quality label.

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