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Coordinator, Uppsala University
Mats Larhed, professor

Contact: Innovation
Anna Franzén, FarmDr
Krister Halldin, PhD

Contact: Campus
Titti Ekegren, PhD
Margareta Krabbe, senior lecturer

Contact: Accelerator
Elisabet Gullberg, investment manager

Steering committee


Eva Tiensuu Janson, professor

Board members

Lena Friberg, professor
Jaan Grünberg, senior lecturer
Greger Thornell, professor

Adjunct member

Jenny Nordquist, group leader, UU Innovation

Substitute members

Anna Lindström, professor
Margareta Krabbe, senior lecturer

EIT Health Scandinavian CLC

The Scandinavian CLC, operated by the association EIT Health Scandinavian CLC , is located in the Solna municipality of Stockholm, Sweden. The CLC operates primarily in the Stockholm-Uppsala region in Sweden and in the Copenhagen region of Denmark, encompassing two of the four “innovation leaders” in Europe.

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EIT Health European Headquarters

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