ClinMed 2019 Summer School open for registration


ClinMed 2019 Summer School - towards medical device innovation seek to enroll Students enrolled in a Master or Doctorate program, current engineers and executives of medical device companies and new entrepreneurs interested in medical technologies.

The purpose of ClinMed 2019 Summer School is to give an up-to-date general perspective of the life cycle of a medical device: from the initial concept until it reaches the European market and Post-Market Follow-Up.

Attendees will partake in a 3-day immersive experience in a hospital or living lab within a team of 4 to 7 participants. During this immersive experience, they will interact with healthcare professionals, patients and senior citizens to understand unmet needs in a specific field that requires technological innovation and could lead to the creation of a new product.

After this immersive stage, all the teams will meet up at the main site of the Summer School, in the mountains above Grenoble, to further develop their projects through lectures and coaching from professionals in academic and industrial sectors.

These projects should continue after the summer school with either a master training, a PhD or a proposal to a project call (national or European).

ClinMed2019 summer school is seeking to enroll

  • Students enrolled in a Master or Doctorate program (in medicine, pharmacy, computer science and engineering, business, health sciences, technology, usability, ergonomy)
  • Current engineers and executives of medical device companies
  • New entrepreneurs interested in medical technologies

Maximum of 35-40 participants. Registration is open until 31 May 2019

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