Oxenstierna house – Juridicum

Oxenstiernska huset (‘the Oxenstierna house’) is located directly opposite Uppsala Cathedral by Riddartorget square in Uppsala. The building was completed in 1664, as one of the scant few stone buildings in the city at the time.

In 1708, Uppsala University purchased the house in order to establish the first academic hospital in Sweden, Nososcomium Academicum.

Today, the building houses the Department of Law, which is why the building is often referred to as Juridicum.

The last major reconstruction of Juridicum was completed at the turn of the year from 1981-1982. Ever since the Law Library moved out in the 1990’s, this part of the house has been rebuilt in order to increase the number of study rooms and offices.

An old photo of the park outside Skytteanum and the Oxenstierna house seenl
Skytteanum and the Oxenstierna house, around year 1895.
Painting of Riddartorget from the terrace outside the catherdral. People walking and riding horse carriage..
View of Riddartorget and the Uppsala castle. Oil painting by Peter Julinsköld, around 1750. The painting is part of the University's art collections.
Last modified: 2021-01-22