Mission and core values

The mission of Uppsala University is to gain and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of humankind and for a better world.

  • The University will strengthen its position as a leading international research university.

  • All education will maintain the highest national and international quality and all students will be given the opportunity to acquire first-class knowledge in their subject area as well as general academic skills.

  • Collaboration with the private, public and non-profit sectors will engage all parts of the University and contribute both to societal development and to the University’s vitality.

Uppsala University: Mission and Core Values

Research strategies

In Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020 we formulate strategies that create good conditions for quality and renewal in the long term. The strategies are part of the University’s input to the Government’s 2016 research bill. The document follows up and deepens the objectives and main lines of research strategy expressed in Uppsala University: Mission and Core Values.

Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020

Rules and regulations

All Uppsala University’s rule and regulation documents are available in a searchable database at regler.uu.se.



Quality and Renewal 2017 is the third research evaluation at Uppsala University. The aim of the evaluation is to strengthen research at Uppsala University through a broad analysis of the functioning of its various research environments, with particular focus on the preconditions and processes that underpin research quality and renewal.


Uppsala University’s educational evaluations aim to promote education of the highest national and international class. The evaluations are based on external and internal collegial reviews and include student participation.