Programme Teaching and Learning

Uppsala University has a dedicated Programme for Teaching and Learning.  The aim of adapting the programme is to render the visions for the university's educational development and teaching quality tangible and clear, as well as to establish the responsibility of university staff and students to ensure that this development actually takes place.

The original goals and content of the programme were compiled in the early 2000´s in a collaborative process, which engaged students, teaching staff, educational leaders and developers and the university management. The programme is revised as the teaching and learning environment evolves, and as the visions formulated in the programme are actualized and incorporated. The current programme was adapted in 2018.

The programme is divided into four fields. The first two, “Conditions for student learning” and “Development of educational programmes” lay out how university staff, both active teachers as well as others staff members that contribute in their various support functions, should together with the students ensure that learning environments, activities and assessment are appropriate and support individual and collective learning. Student – teacher interaction should be meaningful, based on good practice and empirical evidence, and should contribute to individual development. Both student and staff shall strive to evaluate the activities they participate in, in order to facilitate improvements.

The latter fields, “Professional development in academic teaching and learning and subject didactics” and “The legitimacy of teaching in terms of career building” indicate how the university as principal is responsible for supporting the universities teachers in enhancing their pedagogic skills and competences. The individual teacher does at the same time bear a clear responsibility to strive to enhance her/his competence in the role, both in the subject and on a more overarching pedagogical level. This requires both encouragement and active support. A teacher´s efforts to improve teaching skills, to improve the students conditions for learning and to act as a role model for colleagues shall be rewarded in a number of ways.

The programme should be used as an inspiration for development-oriented thinking, as well as a tool for hands-on teaching and learning development work. It should assist students and teachers in locating available support functions and motivate participation in the universities quality enhancement work.