Housing in Uppsala

Thousands of new students move to Uppsala to begin their studies each year, and as a result, finding appropriate accommodation can be very competitive for non-fee-paying students. The demand for housing is always greatest during August and September, so start your search for a place to live early and put some time, energy and thought into it. Here are some websites to get you started:
This website includes a list of all the housing companies in Uppsala, and a large collection of second-hand contracts ranging in type, price and availability.

Uppsala's Student Nations
Each of Uppsala’s 13 student nations have their own housing for members. Read more about accommodation on each of the nations' websites, and take this into consideration when choosing which nation to join.
Blocket is a popular Swedish website where people sell a wide variety of things, including accommodation. While the website is in Swedish, you can find advertisements for second-hand contracts under the category Bostad.

Be cautious of scam artists
Unfortunately, there have been several instances of fraud in connection to second-hand housing advertisements, especially around the start of semester. You can avoid being scammed by declining to make any payments until a housing contract has been signed by both parties.

Housing on Gotland

On the website of the Student Union Rindi's accommodation agency, Gotlands studentbostad, you can find an up-to-date list of available student accommodation located within a short distance from the campus. Here you will find links and ads to both private providers as well as housing companies.

To read more about accommodation options on Gotland, please visit Campus Gotland's accommodation page.