Opening a Swedish bank account

Due to strict regulations, it can take some effort to open a bank account in Sweden. Banks are required to check the identity of their customers and some banks have more stringent criteria than others. The services and offers available at banks in Sweden can also depend on whether you have a Swedish personal identity number or not.

Banks in Sweden are generally open between 10.00 and 15.00, but some branch offices have more generous opening hours, especially on Thursdays. Please be aware that many banks in Sweden no longer handle cash.

During your first months in Sweden

Since it can take a little bit of time to open a bank account in Sweden after you arrive, you should make sure that you have enough money to cover your expenses for the first few months of your stay. International debit and credit cards are widely accepted in Sweden. Therefore, we would strongly advise that you bring a VISA/Mastercard with you with sufficient funds in your existing bank account. Once you have successfully opened a bank account in Sweden, you should be able to transfer money from the bank in your home country to your new bank account in Sweden. 

Banks in Sweden

Below are links to a number of Swedish banks. All banks have one or several branch offices:

Banking options

If you are admitted to a one-year Master's programme you will be studying at Uppsala University for less than 12 months. This means that you are not eligible for a Swedish personal identity number and therefore may face difficulties in opening a Swedish bank account. If you are able to open a bank account in Sweden, it will likely have a connected Maestro card with no access to internet banking. 

If you are admitted to a two-year Master's programme or a three-year Bachelor's programme you should be eligible to apply for a Swedish personal identity number. Having a personal identity number will make it easier to open a bank account in Sweden. However, It can take a few weeks to receive your personal identity number, and you should apply for it before you apply to open a Swedish bank account. 

Recommended documents for opening a bank account

We would recommend that you take the following documents to the bank when applying to open an account:

  • Valid passport
  • Your residence permit (if applicable)
  • Your notification of selection results (Admissions results)
  • A certificate of registration from Uppsala University (can be obtained after your arrival)
  • Details of your address in Sweden
  • Documentation of your personal identity number or co-ordination number
  • A Swedish ID card (may be required by some banks): read more about applying for an ID card

On the Swedish Bankers' Association website you can read more information about what is required when becoming a customer of a Swedish bank.

The Swedish Bankers' Association

Paying bills in Sweden And exchange

If you do not have a bank account in Sweden but need to pay a bill, you can for example take your bill to a Forex bank. You pay a fee for them to handle the payment.

They can also help you exchange cash into other currencies.

Forex in Uppsala is located at Gränby centrum and Kungsgatan 59. Forex in Visby, Gotland, is located at Österväg 3A.

Last modified: 2021-09-29