Study with a disability

As a student at Uppsala University there are different types of support available for you. The support offered is based on your individual needs and aims to facilitate your studies. The goal is for all students to have an opportunity to study on equal terms.

Support for all student and support for students with a long-term disability

Some of the support offered by the University is available to all students. For other support, you must apply to receive it, such as support that you need if you have a long-term disability. When applying, you need a certificate of your long-term disability.

Support available for all students is, for example, language support via our Language Workshop and speech synthesis and spelling programs.

If you have a long-term disability, you can apply for targeted study support in your studies. This may mean that you can receive note support, adapted course literature, adapted examination, interpreter or mentor.

Apply for support well in advance!

In order for the university to be able to arrange support for you, we in some cases need to find out well in advance of starting your studies. If you have a severe visual impairment, need a sign language interpreter or written interpreter, contact the coordinators for targeted study support already when you apply for an education. Otherwise, it is enough that you apply for support when you have been accepted and enrolled at the course or programme.

Contact information and more information about support that you can get during your studies.

Last modified: 2021-09-29