Challenges in working life


22 October 2018

How do you build computer systems without compromising your work environment? Are robots a threat to wage development? What obstacles do newly arrived Swedes meet in the labour market? There are many challenges in today’s working life and a lot of research is ongoing in the area. Here are some examples.

Industrial robots increase wages for employees

In addition to increasing productivity, the introduction of industrial robots has increased wages for the employees. At the same time, industrial robots have also changed the labour market by increasing the number of job opportunities for highly skilled employees, while opportunities for low-skilled employees are declining.

Researcher profile Åsa Cajander: “We need to digitise carefully”

What is the best way to introduce digital technology in society and in our lives? According to Åsa Cajander, we need to devote more time and money in the development and introduction phases of digitising so that it doesn’t lead to new problems. “I want to make sure that the work people do continues to be good for them even when it is digitised, and I want to lend a hand with methods to ensure that this occurs.”

Road to work for migrants – a crucial issue for Sweden

A costly and desolate trek through social measures or a worthwhile rescue for Sweden? Olof Åslund, Professor of Economics, sees migration as a key issue for Sweden’s overall labour needs in the long term.

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