Application for degree certificate

Degree diplomas and course certificates are documents that show that you fulfil the stipulations for a certain type of degree or course. The university where you studied the last course, which will be included in the degree, is the university that is supposed to issue the degree certificate.

Degrees and certificates are issued upon request. The degree certificate is issued in Swedish and English and is free of charge. It includes a description of the degree in English, called a Diploma Supplement (see example of how a Diploma Supplement can look like).

When you apply for a degree, please make sure all courses, that are supposed to be included, are completed and registered in Ladok. 

Please note! If you apply for a Master's degree and you have a Bachelor's degree awarded from a non-Swedish university, you must show your original Bachelor's degree at the graduation office before applying for the Master’s degree.
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How to apply for a degree

You should apply for a degree certificate in Ladok. Either log in to the Student Portal under the heading My Ladok or just log in to Ladok. If you do not have a student account, please use eduID in order to log in. In the latter case you use the alternative eduID instead of Uppsala University when logging in to Ladok. If you would like to apply for a Licentiate degree or a Doctoral degree you can use your employment account to log in to Ladok.

The application has a box where you can write information you might want to pass on to the Graduation Officer. For example, it could be information about courses you would like to include although they do not show up in the application, or a request to send the certificate to a next of kin. The information you write on the application will be read as soon as the application is being processed which could be in two weeks time. Please email other kinds of messages to the graduation office.

How to receive the degree certificate

The degree certificate will be sent to you by registered mail. It means you will collect the certificate in person at a postal service point showing your identification card or passport.

Another option is to collect the degree certificate at the Service Centre, Segerstedt Building, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7 in Uppsala. Please note, you have to show your identification card or passport to the staff at the Service Centre. If you prefer to pick up the degree certificate at the Segerstedt Building, please include this information in your application. Don’t forget to let us know how to reach you to tell you the degree has been issued.