Temporary ban on being in parks over Valborg

16 April 2021

Uppsala Municipality is imposing a temporary ban on being in certain specified places in Uppsala over the Valborg period to reduce the spread of infection.

The situation in the coronavirus pandemic is very serious, with high levels of infection and the health services under severe strain. To prevent crowding and the continued spread of the virus, the crisis management committee in Uppsala Municipality has decided to impose a temporary ban on being in some places in central Uppsala over the Valborg period.

The ban applies to Ekonomikum Park, Observatory Park and Uppsala City Garden (Stadsträdgården) from 12.00 on Thursday 29 April until 09.00 on Saturday 1 May. The decision was taken in consultation with the regional infection control doctor and the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

“It’s a shame the parks are being closed, but we fully understand that the municipality has to act given the current state of transmission, and naturally we back the decision,” says Uppsala University’s chief security officer Fredrik Blomqvist.

Read the press release from Uppsala Municipality (only in Swedish).