Recommendations on how to minimise the spreading of COVID-19

Uppsala University’s latest COVID-19-report (7 May)

  • Don’t organise or attend parties where you meet people from outside your own household!
  • If you have any symptoms at all – have a test!
  • Follow the general recommendations! Everyone knows what these involve and what to do.
  • The most important recommendation is this: maintain a physical distance (2 metres) to other people!

Irresponsible behaviour may ultimately mean that we have to close our campus areas.

On 13 April the Vice-Chancellor decided to extend current restrictions until 30 June 2021.

In short, this decision means that:

  • Students are urged to study at home
  • Online forms of teaching and assessment must be used wherever possible
  • In-person teaching and assessment will be limited 
  • Exemptions to allow particular teaching components or assessments to take place in person may be granted by the chair of a faculty board/disciplinary domain board
  • Employees, others working at the University and students will normally require an access card for entry to the University’s premises

Are you infected?

You should primarily contact the course or programme coordinator for your programme/department. 

Stay at home and follow the current guidelines on COVID-19 and the Region Uppsala Infection Control Unit (or the Region Gotland Infection Control Unit) instructions.

To further facilitate contact tracing and reduce the risk of the infection spreading you should also, anonymously, report if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Report anonymously


  • Stay at home if you feel even slightly unwell
  • Feeling unwell? Go and get tested for COVID-19. Contact 1177. If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number, phone 018 617 35 64. You will reach a voicemail and should leave your name and telephone number. A doctor will call you back and you can then make an appointment for a test. If you are a student at Campus Gotland, phone 0498-26 89 31.
  • Are you infected? You should primarily contact the course or programme coordinator for your programme/department. See information above.
  • Keep your distance from other people – both indoors and outdoors
  • Wash your hands frequently and use handsanitiser
  • If possible – take the bike or walk to campus
  • If possible – study and work from home
  • Avoid crowding and large social gatherings




Treat sources critically and check reports spreading in the media and social media against credible sources to prevent rumours and anxiety. The Public Health Agency of Sweden has extensive information about the situation on its website. Official information from public authorities is accessible on

For general information about the coronavirus disease COVID-19, you can call the national information number 113 13.
For questions in connection with illness, contact or call 1177.

Students are urged to keep up to date with developments via the websites below:

Also keep yourself updated on the student insurance situation for Uppsala University.

COVID-19 related information from Campus Gotland.

COVID-19 related information from the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology.

Are you worried about your study situation or mental health during this current situation?
Do not hesitate to contact the Student Health Service.

Last modified: 2021-05-07