Study abroad through a faculty or a department

Student at Uppsala University can also find study abroad opportunities offered by a faculty or a department. Here is a list of links to information posted by faculties and departments at the university. The list is updated continuously but if your department is missing, please check with your study counsellor or programme coordinator if they offer any study abroad options.

Disciplinary domain of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Department of Game Design

Faculty of Languages

Department of English
Department of Linguistics and Philology

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Peace and Conflict Research
Department of Business Studies
Department of Informatics and Media

Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Faculty of Science and Technology

Biology Education Centre
Department of Mathematics
Department of Earth Sciences
Department of Information Technology

Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy

Studying abroad is possible in most programs within the Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. Post programs has an international coordinator or a study counsellor with a specific responsibility for international student mobility. Contact your program coordinator for more information. You may also contact Louise Hernander, International Coordinator for the Domain of Medicin and Pharmacy ( or Student service.

Last modified: 2021-05-31