The Student Health Service is here to help you with issues associated to life as a student. Contact us if you have questions regarding lifestyle, mental health and stress management. We have a telephone service where we give support over the phone and we also offer individual councelling. You are welcome to attend our courses and groups or make yourself comfortable in our Light Rooom. All services are free of charge.

Our staff, back row; Eva, head of unit, Annika, doctor, Jenny, counselor, Frida, counselor, Tina, receptionist, Josefin, psychologist, Pia, economy administrator, Viktoria, psychologist Tobias, psychotherapist, counselor. Front row; Ulrika, counselor, Johanna, counselor, Malin, communications, Anna, counselor, Sofia, psychologist.

This is how it works

If you want an appointment for individual councelling you must first call our telephone councelling service. Our councellors/psychologists will ask questions about what is troubling you, give you advice and set up an appointment for you, if the assessment is that the Student Health Service is the best place for you to get help. If not, you will be guided to the right place. If you are unsure where to turn, call and we will help you.

Sometimes you need to seek help from other healthcare providers, for example:

  • If you have severe anxiety, suffer from severe depression or have suicidal thoughts you need more immediate help. For acute psychiatric help, call or visit the Psychiatric Emergency Clinic in Uppsala. The reception and telephone is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone: 018-611 25 00. Address: Akademiska sjukhuset, ingång 12.
  • If you have more severe or long lasting problems, please turn to your local health centre (vårdcentral) or seek psychiatric care.
  • If you are sick, have an injury or suffer from medical problems, please turn to your local health centre or the closest emergency ward. You can call 1177 for advice.
    Note! If you are calling from a foreign phone number dial +46 771 11 77 00.

Telephone counselling and appointments

Call our counselling service to get advice or to book an appointment.
You cannot book an appointment via e-mail.
Telephone: 018-471 69 10
Hours: Monday–Friday: 12.45–14.00

Information to doctoral students at Uppsala University

Information to postgraduate students at SLU 

Good to know

Our telephone counselling is manned by both psychologists and counsellors. We receive many calls. If you are still on hold when the councelling closes, you will not hear a message telling you that the line is closed. Please check out the upcoming telephone hours and try calling us again.

Cancellation and rebooking

If you cancel or change your appointment well in advance we can offer support to more students. To change your appointment or to cancel the appointment, call our reception:
Telephone: 018-471 69 00.
Do you have questions? E-mail us:

Reception – regular opening hours

Monday 8:00–17:00
Tuesday 12:30–16:30
Wednesday 8:00–16:30
Thursday 8:00–16:30
Friday 8:00–15:00
Closed for lunch 11:45–12:30

Visiting address

Övre Slottsgatan 7, 2nd floor
753 10 Uppsala
To get here, map

The Student Health Service in Visby

Go to the Student Health Service at Campus Gotland.

Light Room

If you are not scheduled for an appointment you are still welcome to our Light Room. The room is open during the darker months of the year, during fall and winter. Look for the opening hours on our web. The Light Room is perfect is you feel the need for more light or if you just need to boost your energy. No appointments necessary, just drop in and show your student ID in the reception.


All personnel at the Student Health Service are bound by professional secrecy. No information is released without your consent.

Feedback or complaints

Post your feedback in the form below and we will get back to you.
Note that the form is in Swedish.
Feedback on the Student Health Service. 

Information for doctoral students at Uppsala University

Doctoral students at Uppsala University, who are currently 20% active (regardless of funding), should turn to the occupational health services for support, including counselling. They offer some councelling sessions free of charge before the head of department have to be informed.
To book an appointment call the occupational health service.
More information is available on Uppsala University`s staff web. (In Swedish)

Information for doctoral students at SLU 

Doctoral students at SLU, (regardless of funding), should turn to the occupational health services for support, including counselling. They offer one councelling session, free of charge, before the head of department/equivalent have to be informed.
For more information and to book an appointment contact the occupational health service.
More information is available on SLU’s staff web.