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For nearly 550 years, Uppsala University has found its way in a constantly changing world. Currently ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities, we have established our place at the heart of the global community. Over the course of the centuries, our scholars and scientists have played their part in epoch-making breakthroughs that we now take for granted. Modern allergy and pregnancy tests, medication for blood clots, and technologies that have laid the foundation for successful biotech companies are just a few examples of discoveries and innovations born of research at Uppsala University.

We are determined to move forward in the same spirit and with undiminished energy. Uppsala University competes successfully for national and international research funding. However, to make even more of our strengths and to turn our discoveries into benefits for our world, we need additional long-term, independent resources.  

If you are interested in supporting us, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to join us in creating the future.

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Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt

Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt
Last modified: 2021-01-20