Ångström Advanced Battery Centre - Li-jon och Li-O2 batteriforskning - en fortsättningsansökan

Tidsperiod: 2013-01-01 till 2016-12-31

Projektledare: Kristina Edström

Medarbetare: Hans Siegbahn, Torbjörn Gustafsson, Jöns Hilborn, Leif Nyholm, Laurent Duda, Håkan Rensmo, Daniel Brandell

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Projektbidrag

Budget: 17 000 000 SEK

The optimal battery energy density is the primary goal of this application that brings together scientists from chemistry and physics at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University under the leadership of Kristina Edström. The Ångström Advanced Battery Centre seeks support to strengthen the research concerning the bottlenecks of efficient lithium-based batteries: the storage capacity of the cathode, the safety of the anode, the Li-ion mobility in and stability of the electrolyte and the life-time of the complete cell. Focus will be on battery materials for high voltage/high capacity Li-ion batteries for grid-energy, (P)HEV and all electric propulsion systems, as well as medium power batteries and the challenging Li-O2 systems. Synthesis of new materials will be important as well as characterization. In situ time-resolved battery structural studies using synchrotron X-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction will be used to understand the complex reactions occurring in a battery. A unique electrochemical in situ chamber for studying electrode surface reactions with different electrolytes using high pressure photoelectron spectroscopy will be employed. Advanced synchrotron based methods will be vital for the studying bulk material properties, electrode/electrolyte interfaces as well as whole battery cell performances. Modeling will also be carried out based on DFT calculations, MD-simulations and FEA analysis to study new materials, interfaces and battery cell performance.