´Europeiska studier i symbolisk interaktion: traditioner, samtida perspektiv och utmaningar´. (The IVth Annual Conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction)

Tidsperiod: 2013-01-01 till 2013-12-31

Projektledare: Vessela Misheva

Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet

Bidragstyp: Projektbidrag

Budget: 180 000 SEK

The proposed conference (28-30 August 2013) will be hosted by the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University. It is intended to be an interdisciplinary venture of social and humanitarian sciences that is co-organized by two universities and five university departments. The main objective is the presentation of the European traditions that contribute to the study of symbolic interaction with a particular emphasis on the use of qualitative and ethnographic methods. The research area covered by the conference presentations is thus unusually broad ? from the study of various settings and landscapes of everyday life, group culture, and group practice, to the study of interaction language, social deviance, emotions, subjectivity, and identity.This medium size conference (150 participants) continues the tradition established by previous conferences in Pisa (2010), Kassel (2011), and Rotterdam (2012). Six plenary sessions will feature the keynote presentations of ten well-known authorities in the field from North America and Europe. Scholars from ten Swedish and four European universities will chair the 24 regular sessions related to the themes of the plenary sessions.The planned conference aims to strengthen the existing traditions of sociological social psychology in Sweden and to facilitate knowledge transfer and the exchange of research experience between European and North American sociological traditions, across disciplinary borders, and between research generations.