Proteinveckning av ribosomer och prionsjukdomar

Tidsperiod: 2011-07-01 till 2012-12-31

Projektledare: Suparna Sanyal

Finansiär: SSF, Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning

Bidragstyp: Bidrag för anställning eller stipendier

Budget: 100 000 SEK

The objective is to build up an active collaboration between two research groups with complementary competence; Suparna Sanyal, Uppsala (SS) and Marc Blondel, Brest (MB), connecting two cutting-edge research topics, namely protein folding activity of the ribosome (SS), and prion and other amyloid-based diseases (MB). These groups coauthored a publication in 2008, where the first link between the two research fields has been established (Tribouillard-Tanvier, 2008, PloSONE). This finding suggested the involvement of the ribosomes in prion propagation, which is the background for this proposal. The specific goal is to understand the role of ribosome assisted protein folding in the propagation of prion diseases, highly important for designing a prevention strategy for these fatal diseases. Work Plan: The mechanism of the ribosome assisted protein folding and the mode of action of the antiprion drugs inhibiting this function will be studied in molecular and genetic level. How ribosomes influence the formation of prion fibrils will be studied using Het-S prion system. Further, new antiprion drugs affecting the protein folding activity of the ribosome will be studied using genetic and biochemical tools. The success of the project will highly depend on a joint frame of work with combined efforts from the two groups. The funding will be used for bilateral visit and exchange of the PIs and other young researchers, joint participation in publications and international conferences.