Säkra dataobjekt i informationscentrerade nätverk

Tidsperiod: 2015-01-01 till 2016-12-31

Projektledare: Edith Ngai

Finansiär: SSF, Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning

Bidragstyp: Bidrag för anställning eller stipendier

Budget: 1 074 477 SEK

The Internet of today has numerous issues with regards to security and integrity. One current trend is to turn into e2e (end-to-end) encryption of all traffic. The major drawback with this approach is that network optimizations for data distribution is limited by the end nodes on fixed data paths. A better solution than e2e encryption is to turn to object security where the content objects are secured in themselves. Object security can then be combined with Information-centric Networking (ICN) which includes CDN (content distribution networks) and P2P (peer-to-peer) functionality into the basic network service. In this project we will explore the combination of object security and ICN. The main objective of the project is to gain a better understanding of how the ABE (Attribute Based Encryption) technique be used for object security within communication networks, in particular ICN networks. The results of the project is expected to improve security and network performance for media distribution and Internet-of-Things applications. During this project, Edith Ngai will visit Ericsson research (50% for two years) to work with the team on securing data objects in ICN. The project will be divided into five phases from exploration, design, implementation, evaluation to technology transfer. Each phase will be executed in one or more iterations during the project lifetime.