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WOMHERs opening symposium 26 April 2021, program and registration

Uppsala University’s centre for Women’s Mental Health during the Reproductive lifespan – WoMHeR

At Uppsala University, unique national and international interdisciplinary expertise meets in a Centre for Women’s Mental Health during the Reproductive Lifespan, WoMHeR.

Mental health problems are on the way to becoming society’s most daunting and costly problem today. Bringing together the University’s wide-ranging areas of expertise afford the best prospects for understanding, combating and improving mental health for women and consequently for their families. 

Uppsala University’s goals and strategies include a plea for the creation of hubs for collective knowledge, culture and dialogue. The purpose is to develop new areas of knowledge through cross-border collaborations in an integrated educational and research environment.

Mental ill-health, e-health and migration are all strategic research areas in Uppsala University. Great proficiency in various disciplines for key components of WoMHeR thus already exists. 

Uppsala University is well-positioned to focus on central research questions relating to women’s mental health during their reproductive years through interdisciplinary research teams and provide answers to research questions applicable in Sweden internationally. The Centre will also be important for the University’s own students, since it now enables the University to assume a world-leading role in preventing and mitigating students’ mental health problems.

Last modified: 2021-04-14