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WOMHERs öppningssymposium

Welcome to the opening symposium for Uppsala University’s centre for Women’s Mental Health during the Reproductive lifespan – Womher! 

Womher aims at being a unique interdisciplinary research centre. Womher will establish a new knowledge base with focus on the contemporary global increase in mental health problems, especially among young women.

The Womher opening symposium will reflect some of the research areas of importance with brief presentations from both international and Uppsala University researchers. A detailed agenda can be found in the attached invitation. 

Date: Monday April 26

Time: At 13.00-16.10
Location: Online on Zoom. Zoom link will be sent out one week before the launch.
Registration: Please fill in the registration form

Please feel free to circulate this invitation to anyone who is interested. 

Invitation in PDF

Warm welcome!


Datum: 4 maj kl.12.00-13.00
"PTSD in Women: Unnoticed, undiagnosed, untreated"
Professor Markus Heilig, Professor vid Institutionen för biomedicinska och kliniska vetenskaper (BKV), Linköpings universitet
Värd: Womher
Anmälan till shima.momeni@neuro.uu.se

Womher nätverksmöte:

Date: June 9th at 10.00-12.00
Anna Singer, Professor at Department of Law
Jonas Bergquist, Professor at Department of Chemistry
Gunilla Sydsjö, Adjunct Professor at Linköping University
Agneta Skoog Svanberg, Professor at Department of Womens and Childrens Health
Moderator: Ulrika Dahl, Professor at Centre for Gender Studies

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