Registration at the student unions and nations

Uppsala University has several student unions and student nations. You can choose to become a member of one or more unions and nations. This is how you register at one of the student unions or nations in order to receive a student card.

  • On the website you can register for the student nations in Uppsala, Uppsala Student Union, Gotland's Student Union Rindi, Pharmaceutical Student Association and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN).
    If you do not have access to a computer you can take your letter of admission and photo ID to the student nation you would like to join.
  • To be a member of Uppsala Business and Economics Students Association (Uppsalaekonomerna), fill in Uppsalaekonomerna's application form.
  • To be a member of Law students’ Association in Uppsala send an email to with your name, email address, address, phone number, and personal identity number.

The membership fees to the student nations and unions are paid each semester, except for UTN where membership is free.

The student unions

The student nations

Guest cards

If you are a student at another university and would like to have entrance to the student nations, you must purchase a temporary "membership", otherwise known as a guest card. The guest card is issued by the Kuratorskonventet and is sold in the entrance to Uppsala Student Union.


Student unions

Uppsala Student Union
Address: Övre Slottsgatan 7
Ph. 018-480 3100

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students
Address: Uthgård, Polacksbacken, Building 73
Ph. 018-572 520

Pharmaceutical Student Association
Address: Dag Hammarskjölds väg 16
Ph. 018-527 833

Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association
Address: Kyrkogårdsgatan 2B
Ph. 018-471 69 70

Law students’ Association in Uppsala
Address: Övre Slottsgatan 3
Ph. 070-090 86 73

Gotland’s Student Union Rindi
Address: Tage Cervins gata 1
Ph. 0498-299 905

Student nations in Uppsala

Uppsala also has 13 student nations, which for many students become a second home during the study period. See more about the student nations.